Escuela de Musica, Universidad de Talca, Chile

Talca is 160 miles south of Santiago, a beautiful drive through the lush Central Valley, with the Andes forming a spectacular border to the east. A lovely mid-size city of 200,000, it is home to the Universidad de Talca, one of Chile's pre-eminent institutions.

November 2012

Edward Rubilar is the second recipient of the Foundation violin & bow.
November 2010

Janna Lower with University of Talca student Christian Paillán
In November of 2010, Chilean Christian Paillán Störzer was selected as the first recipient of a violin and bow loaned by the Tropikordia Foundation. He has the exclusive use of them for one year, at which time the instrument will be passed on to another deserving student at the University of Talca. The instrument is a fine 19th century violin with strong German features, modeled freely after the work of Amati/Stainer.